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A research proposal produced by both, Drs. Abdulsalam Khayyat and   Amira Shaheen, Teaching Assistants in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah, has recently been awarded a British Medical Research Council (MRC) grant.

The Palestine-based study, a partnership between An-Najah National University and Juzoor Organization for Health and Social Development in Palestine, aims to improve the primary health care response to violence against women. Working with stakeholders in the health care system and services for women, the research will lead to a training program for primary care and family medicine doctors and nurses and then a pilot of that intervention.

The overall project, led by Professor Gene Feder at the University of Bristol, starts on April 1st 2017. It is a collaboration with Brazilian researchers at the University of Sao Paulo, who will be conducting a similar study, and violence against women researchers at the University of Bristol, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the World Health Organization.

It is worth mentioning that the Medical Research Council (MRC) is a publicly funded government agency responsible for coordinating and funding medical research in the UK. It is one of seven Research Councils in the UK and is answerable to, although politically independent from, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The MRC, along with the other UK research councils have committed substantial funds for development of health research capacity in low and middle income countries in their Global Challenges program.

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