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After years of work, An-Najah National University Hospital has received the Joint Commission International(JCI) accreditation as the First Academic Medical Center in Palestine, making An-Najah National ‎University Hospital the first academic medical center hospital in Palestine to be accredited by JCI.

An-Najah National University Hospital held a press conference to ‎announce that JCI accredits and certifies the Hospital as it meets the JCI accreditation standards.

The standards are divided into two main sections: patient-centered care and health care organization management. In addition, two chapters are included for hospitals that meet eligibility criteria for academic medical center accreditation—these standards address additional requirements for medical professional education and human subjects research.

The press conference began with an opening speech delivered by Mr. Khaled Al-Husseini, Director of the Public Relations Department at An-Najah University on behalf of Prof. Rami Hamdallah, Chairman of An-Najah University Hospital's Board of Trustees.

Mr. Husseinie congratulated the Hospital for achieving this success and commended the efforts made by the Hospital's academic and administrative staff and their contribution to achieve this success.

In turn, Dr. Kamal Hijazi, An-Najah National University Hospital CEO, expressed his pride of this achievement and gave credit for it to the University Hospital’s ‎hard working staff for their consistent efforts to develop the Hospital.

He noted that with this achievement, An-Najah National University Hospital is one of the most important medical facilities in Palestine in the field of healthcare services.

He also pointed out that the Hospital is the first of its kind to be accredited in ‎Palestine as an academic medical center and wished the Hospital to achieve more academic progress.

First Academic Medical Center in Palestine JCI is an independent, not-for-profit organization in USA, it accredits and certifies health care organizations and programs across the globe. Also, JCI accreditation is and certification is recognized as a global leader for health care quality of care and patient safety.


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