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An-Najah National University Library is one of the most important facilities of the University which offers half a million print and e-books. It contains 300.000 oversized books, 40.000 periodicals and thousands of electronic books and encyclopedias.

The Library is also a member of tens of prominent research websites that assist students and scholars to reach out to as much information as possible.

In addition, the Library includes study spaces, workshop rooms and assistive technology rooms.

The Library aspires to achieve the University’s vision and ‎ambitions to overcome the future challenges and promote ‎its role as key partner in scientific research and ‎education. As a national leading center, the Library also aspires ‎to promote knowledge exchange, scientific research and ‎excellence as well as international collaboration.

The Library welcomes 5000 students daily, whereas many others can reach to its resources and books online saving their time and efforts.

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