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The Deanship of Scientific Research at An-Najah University announced that the research output from the University during the past five years (2014-2018) reached 1124 research papers. This research output is equivalent to approximately one third of the national scientific research output from Palestine.

The Deanship of Scientific Research emphasized the positive role of incentives and regulations made by the administration which has played a significant role in the steep increase in research output and share of the University at the national level.

The Deanship of Scientific Research gave further details on this research output by categorizing the type and subject area of the research papers. According to Scopus database, the research output from An-Najah University was in the following subject areas: Physical Sciences (30%), Medicine and Life Sciences (21%), Engineering and IT (15%), Social and Human Sciences (8%), Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (4%) where the remaining percentage was in diverse multidisciplinary sciences.

The most active faculty at the university level was the Faculty of Sciences with approximately 150 publications per year followed by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences with approximately 100 papers per year.

The Deanship also emphasized the role of attending international conferences by University staff since 73 papers published in the past five years were presented in IEEE conferences in the field of Engineering.  

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