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On Thursday, May 17, 2018, and under the patronage of Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President, An-Najah National University held a ceremony to celebrate the winners of An-Najah research awards for the year 2017 at the Korean Palestinian IT Institute of Excellence in the New Campus.

In the opening speech, Professor Naji Qatanani, Dean of Scientific Research said that the University aims at promoting scientific research through offering a number of awards such as Scientific Publication by High Impact Journals Award, Research Production Award and Best Faculty Award.

He added that the University has recently launched the Extracted Research from MA & PhD Theses Award, an award offered to university researchers and post-‎graduate students. The award aims to encourage publishing research ‎extracted from students’ masters and doctoral theses.

He also said that the University develops networks with international researches through the Palestinian German Science Bridge (PGSB) and the Palestine-Quebec Science Bridge.

He mentioned that in 2017, An-Najah has published 291 papers according to Scopus while published papers in 2016 were 207. In 2018, the University published 120 papers so far, six times the ones published in 2009.

In turn, Prof. Natsheh expressed his delight to celebrate this event and pointed out that the University administration is working hard to develop scientific research as it is one of the pillars of university internationalization.

He also commended the role of the University staff and students in developing scientific research in Palestine.

As for the awards, the Best Faculty Award went to the Faculty of Science for the fourth time on a row while the Research Production Award went to Dr. Tamer Khatib, Prof. Shehdeh Jodeh, Dr. Mohammad Abu Jafar, Prof. Ismael Warad, Prof. Waleed Sweileh, Dr. Nidal Jaradat, Dr. Ramzi Shawahneh, Dr. Saed Zyoud, Dr. Samah Jabi and Prof. Abdul Naser Zaid.

The Best Published Research Award-Natural Sciences went to Dr. Mohammad Suleiman, Mr. Anas Al-Ali, Dr. Ayman Hussein and An-Najah candidate Mr. Diaa Aref.

The ceremony also included honoring winning researchers in the Extracted Research from MA & PhD Theses Award for the year 2017 and the Scientific Publication by High Impact Journals Award.

An-Najah Research Award for the Year 2017/2018 was granted to Dr. Isra Dmour from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Ahliyya Amman University and Prof. Amira Gamal Eldeen from the Cancer Biology and Genetics Laboratory Centre of Excellence for Advanced Sciences, NRC, Cairo, Egypt.


The Ceremony was also attended by Dr. Mohammad El-Amleh, Vice President of Academic Affairs; Dr. Maher Abu Zant, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Raed Al-Koni, Dean of the Faculty of Science and a number of the University’s academic and administrative staff.

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