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Student Mohammad Emran is a 30 year old accountant graduate and top at An-Najah National University with a GPA of 3.99/4.

Student Emran dropped out of school in the tenth grade and joined the military. Nine years later, he decided to return to high school and graduated from Tawjihi with a GPA of 95%, literary stream. During his study, he faced many challenges in terms of lack of courses and references.

Emran mentioned that he used to read articles on self-learning which boosted him to continue his under graduate studies.

When we interviewed Emran, he said that he built a strong relationship with his colleagues and professors despite his age.

As for choosing the field of study, Emran mentioned that he first enrolled in the funding programme at An-Najah National University. Then, he transferred to the accounting programme as the competition was fierce. He ended up being not only the department’s top graduate, but also An-Najah’s.

Emran also talked about the keys to success which included time management, planning, self-learning and the spirit of competition.

Emran hopes to continue his graduate and post-graduate studies as a first step to his dream of achieving academic excellence.

At the end of the interview, Emran thanked his parents, colleagues and professors for offering him the needed support during his study years.


It is worth mentioning that this is the third successive year An-Najah crowns its top graduate from the accounting department.

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