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Hiba Ghanim, top Tawjihi* student with an average of 99.6% chooses An-Najah National University‘s Architectural Engineering programme.

By: Hiba Abu Ghaida - An-Najah News

When we interviewed Ghanim, she mentioned that the keys to her success were patience and hard work.


She thanked her parent, teachers and colleagues for offering her needed support. She also advised her colleagues to keep up the hard work and wished them best of luck in their future life.

*Tawjihi is the general secondary examination in Jordan, West Bank and Gaza and determines whether a student will be permitted to enroll in university. Foreign secondary education programmes such as IGCSEs, SATs, and International Baccalaureate require have Tawjihi-equivalency so that the student could later work in Jordan or Palestine or proceed to a higher education there.


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