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Haya Al-Barghouthi, computer engineering student at An-Najah National University, ‎has recently been chosen as the third best ambassador to the world's largest technical ‎professional organization for the advancement of technology (IEEE).‎

The IEEEmadC (Mobile Applications Development Contest) is a 6-8 month ‎competition aimed at inspiring student members in Europe, Middle East, and Africa ‎to develop mobile applications which has expanded into a globally recognized ‎competition. It provides IEEE student members a new and interesting activity and a ‎chance to develop something which achieves IEEE mission to foster technological ‎innovation and excellence and improve the lives of its members and larger ‎community.‎

The IEEEmadC Student Ambassador Program recruits IEEE Student Members to ‎promote for IEEEmadC in their respective branches and sections, educate their ‎colleagues about Mobile Application Development, and help people to apply for the ‎competition, giving them the opportunity to spread their work around the world to ‎reach the masses. They do this by organizing different workshops and sessions on ‎mobile app development, inviting experts in the field to guide students and better ‎prepare them for the contest, and by promoting the competition through various ‎social media channels.‎

Haya Al-Barghouthi, who represented the State of Palestine, said that she organized ‎several workshops in various Palestinian universities on mobile app development to ‎promote the IEEE Mobile Application Development Contest and inspire others to ‎develop mobile applications and participate in the IEEEmadC.‎

Al-Barghouthi also mentioned that she is a member at Google Developers Group ‎Nablus and she aspires to promote and foster the Girls in Tech Mentorship Program ‎which focuses on the education and empowerment of women in technology and ‎entrepreneurship in Palestine.‎


The IEEE’s core mission is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the ‎benefit of humanity. In conjunction with IEEE’s mission of advancing technology ‎for humanity, IEEEmadC creates technological communities that spreads the ‎awareness of the importance of gaining the engineering skills and emphasize the ‎positive impact that new technologies and engineers have on a society.‎

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