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On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, An-Najah National University will launch the activities of its centenary festival which will start with the Centenary Torch Lighting. The ceremonial relaying of the torch will start at Ibn-Al-Hytham School in Nablus and will end at An-Najah's New Campus.

On Thursday, September 27, 2018, the festival will continue at the Prince Turki Ben Abdel-Aziz Theatre in the New Campus where the inauguration of An-Najah's Journey Museum and Gallery will take place.

The activities will also include holding the "An-Najah Gathers Us 3rd Meeting" which will take place on Saturday, September 29, 20108.

On Saturday, September 30, 2018, a conference on "An-Najah’s Journey from Past to Present" will take place in the Old Campus.

An-Najah National University began as An-Najah Nabulsi School in 1918. In 1941, it became An-Najah College and in 1965 began to offer intermediate university degrees in academic fields that aimed to enhance the quality of education in Palestine. In 1977, it transformed into An-Najah National University, starting with two colleges: the College of Arts and the College of Science, and joined the Association of Arab Universities as a full member in 1978.

An-Najah played an important role in enriching the intellectual and scientific movements in ‎Palestine in particular and the Arab world in general and was able to defy the political challenges ‎it encountered over the past years. Nowadays, An-Najah is Palestine’s largest university, and it ‎aspires to document its academic and historical journey as well as its national and international ‎achievements through the centenary activities.

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