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As part of Med-EcoSuRe project, the Energy Research Centre (ERC) of An-‎Najah National University, participated in the Online Regional Conference  ‎titled:“The Economic Feasibility of Renewable Energy”, which was held during ‎the period 27-28 September 2020. The conference was organized by the ‎Federation of Arab Engineers.‎

The conference aimed to explore how to achieve sustainable economic and ‎social development in the Arab region which enjoys abundant renewable ‎energy resources.‎

Dr. Imad Ibrik from the Electrical Engineering ‎Department, and the Energy ‎Research Center Director presented a research article titled: “Performance ‎Analysis of on-Grid Solar PV System at An-Najah University as Catalyst for ‎Eco-Sustainable Renovation” through which he talked about the ‎implementation of a photovoltaic plant on one of An-Najah's buildings as part ‎of Med-EcoSuRe project. The Med-EcoSuRe (Mediterranean University as ‎Catalyst for Eco-Sustainable ‎Renovation) is a project ‎funded by the European ‎Union, under the ENI CBC MED ‎program.‎

Dr. Ibrik also mentioned that the Energy Research Centre (ERC) at the ‎University in partnership with the Med-EcoSuRe project is working now on ‎the implementation of a photovoltaic plant on An-Najah's Faculty of ‎Humanities' and the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training's ‎buildings.‎

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