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On Monday, July 21, 2020, the 4th MED BeX.Live webinar was held virtually by google meet application. The fourth webinar titled: “The techno-economic assessment of on-grid PV systems” was hosted by the Energy Research Center of An-Najah National University, partner of Med-EcoSuRe project.

Dr. Imad Ibrik, Med-EcoSuRe project local coordinator in Palestine, opened the webinar, and welcomed the participants and thanked them for their interesting in the webinar. Dr.Ibrik mentioned that this webinar and the already implemented ones aimed to stimulate the knowledge sharing and the stakeholders’ participation while addressing various topics and challenges related to public buildings in the Mediterranean region.

In the first session, Dr. Ibrik briefed the participants about Med-EcoSuRe Project's objectives, findings, and technical outputs. Also, he stated that two Solar PV systems will be installed soon in two faculties at ANNU.

The second session focused on the renewable energy Strategy in Palestine by 2030, and it was presented by the key invited speaker: Eng. Basel Yasin, director of RE and Environment Unit at the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority” PENRA”, Eng. Yasin talked in his presentation about the Energy situation and the renewable Energy Assessment in Palestine.

The third session was presented by the key speaker from the Palestinian Electricity Regulatory Council “PERC”, who talked about the Solar Energy Laws and Regulations in Palestine, and in details he presented the electricity market structure, and Renewable Energy Programs in Palestine.

In the third session, Dr.Ibrik presented in details how to implement the techno-economic assessment of on-grid PV system, and discussed the technical and economic metrics modelling, mentioning that using appropriate performance parameters facilitates the assessment of energy efficiency of PV systems connected to the grid which can be affected by design, technology used or geographic location.

The webinar was finally concluded by presenting two real case studies; the first one was about the assessment of 2.5 MW PV Solar Power Plant in Palestine, designed and supervised by the Energy Research Center at An-Najah University. The second one was about the Impact of Solar PV Projects on Distribution Network.

Med-EcoSuRe project focuses on the identification and implementation of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy measures in 9 university pilot buildings in Italy, Tunisia and Palestine. The project officially started on September 1st, 2019, and will last for three years.

For more information, please visit the project website.

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