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A delegation from Fundación Promoción Social (FPS) and the ‎Agricultural Development Association (PARC) visited the Energy ‎Research Center (ERC) at An-Najah National University.‎

The visit aimed at sharing opinions, thoughts and observations on ‎mutual cooperation and developing effective partnership to offer joint ‎cooperation training projects and programs on clean energy. Both ‎parties have agreed ‎to offer and implement a new training program in ‎‎the near future.‎

The training program aims to build the capacity of 30 Palestinian ‎technicians and engineers from in the field of solar energy. ‎

It is worth mentioning that the training program will implemented in ‎cooperation with the University's ERC, the University College of ‎Applied Sciences in Gaza (UCAS), the Polytechnic University of ‎Valencia (UPV) and the Palestinian private sector.‎

The meeting proceeded to an open discussion to exchange thoughts ‎about collaborative opportunities with regards to joint cooperation ‎training projects and programs.‎

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