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Prof. Jalal Dabeek, Director of the Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Centre at An-Najah University and Head of Engineering Union has recently participated in the Sendai Framework Monitoring System and Disaster Loss Database Training Workshop for Partners in Germany.

The event was organized by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) with the support of the Government of Germany.

UNISDR organized this training workshop in order to review the Sendai Framework Monitoring Process and present to partners the SFM System and Disaster Loss Database (DesInventar) including how to establish new disaster loss databases; train partners in the use of the online SFM System and DesInventar through hands-on exercises; and capacitate partner institutions and selected experts to act as trainers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the SFM System and DesInventar.

DesInventar Sendai is a new version of the well-tested, widely used software that implements all the Indicators and data required for the Monitoring of Targets A to D of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, which correspond to parallel Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) indicators.

Among many other new features, it also allows for the definition and use of Sendai Framework metadata to describe several indicators and allow a finer disaggregation of data.

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