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‎On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU) and Sama ‎Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company signed a clinical study agreement.‎

An-Najah was represented by Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President, and ‎Dr. Amjad Hussain, Director of An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU) whereas ‎Sama Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company was represented by Eng. ‎Mahmoud Al-Zalmout, Chairman, and Dr. Adeeb Saifi, General Manager.‎

Under this agreement, An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU) will compare a drug ‎produced and manufactured by Sama with an original, brand version of the ‎drug after getting the approval from the Ministry of Health.‎

It is worth mentioning that An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU)‎ has received ‎the ‎Palestinian Ministry of Health accreditation and license, making An-Najah ‎National ‎University the first university in Palestine to establish a center for ‎conducting ‎bioequivalence studies following international standards. ‎

The newly established Center is not only the first of its kind to be accredited ‎in ‎Palestine, but only among ten bioequivalence specialized centers in the Arab ‎world, and it will undoubtedly contribute ‎to a quantum leap in the ‎pharmaceutical industry and will offer a unique service to ‎Palestinian citizens.‎

The Center will be devoted to providing Bioequivalence (BE) studies on ‎locally ‎produced drugs and medicinal products in compliance with national ‎and ‎international guidelines and with therapeutic equivalence evaluations.‎

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