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The BioSciences Unit (NBU) at An-Najah National University organized a training ‎workshop on the LC-MS/MS device operation and hosted Dr. Jan Bohuslavek, Specialist ‎in mass spectrometry analysis at Waters Corporation and Mr. Mohammad Yamin Jetawi ‎from the International Pharmaceutical Research Center (IPRC) in Jordan.‎

The workshop was over two days from February 26 – February 28, 2019 and took place ‎at the BioSciences Unit's Bio-Analytical Laboratories in the New Campus. It focused on ‎training a number of the NBU's staff on the LC-MS/MS device.‎

Dr. Amjad Hussein, Director of Analysis, Poison Control & ‎Calibration Center at the University welcomed the guests and thanked them for their ‎participation. He then mentioned that this workshop will contribute to skills ‎development and knowledge improvement of the NBU's staff as part of An-Najah ‎BioSciences Unit's strategic plan, which is to develop its staff skills and improve their ‎analytical efficiency and productivity in the use of advanced analytical devices. ‎

Dr. Bohuslavek gave a presentation on the principle of LC-MS/MS Assay and the ‎standards required to use it efficiently and effectively. He then trained Mr. Abd Allateef ‎Mayyaleh and Mr. Ibrahim Al Asmar, Analysts from the analytical laboratories at An-‎Najh's NBU.‎

During the training course, Mr. Jitawi provided overall direction and guidance on ‎validation of analytical methods and procedures related to the LC-MS/MS device ‎operation


The training workshop was also attended by Dr. Wafa’a Menawi and Ms. Yaqeen ‎Halawa from the Quality Assurance (QA) Department, and Ms. Lubna Al-Sharif from ‎the Data Management and Medical Writing Department (DMMW).‎

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