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An-Najah University's Energy Research Center (ERC) in partnership ‎with the Spanish Cooperation Agency, SEBA (non-profit ‎organization, Spain), and UAWC (Union of Agricultural Work ‎Committees, Palestine) recently implemented, and completed the ‎improvement of productive systems through solar PV electrification ‎in the rural Community of Khirbet Fera’a /Hebron Project.‎

The rural community of Khirbet Fera’a has large areas for agriculture ‎and livestock (main occupation of the 80% of the local Bedouin ‎population). The area has natural water spring located far from their ‎houses, so they get their needs of water by filling small containers and ‎transporting them using donkeys and this will be repeated about 3-5 ‎times a day.‎

The lack of basic life services such as electricity, water, medical, and ‎education causes population migration to cities and near villages.‎

In order to improve the agriculture and livestock systems in the ‎Bedouin community of Khirbet Fera’a and, consequently, the quality ‎of life of the inhabitants, An-Najah University's ERC in collaboration ‎with the Spanish Cooperation Agency and co-funding from the ‎partners involved, deployed reinforcements for water system, and ‎introduced solar electrification, and water pumping to the area with ‎agricultural improvements, dairy and wool production resources with ‎the addition of new electrical inputs in the production process, or ‎electric weaving machines as a basis for income generation for ‎women.‎

In addition, the PV solar systems provided enough electricity to cover ‎the electricity needs of production, and domestic power demand; thus, ‎improving the quality of life and safety for the population and ‎promoting the improvement in the environment.

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