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Dr. Amjad Hussein, the Director of Analysis, Poison Control and Calibration Centre (APCC) at An-Najah National University has attended a workshop, organized by Japan International Cooperation Agency “JICA” and Jericho Municipality, titled: "Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Project for Sewerage Operation and Management”.

The workshop took place on January 31st, 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel (Oasis) in Jericho.

The workshop discussed the sewage treatment plant project, currently based in Jericho and supported by the Japanese government through JICA agency, as an effective model in sewage treatment.

A number of representatives of both the Palestinian municipalities and the local authorities have also attended the workshop; to identify the project, the importance of its implementation and how to develop this project idea to involve the whole Palestinian areas that do not include a widespread coverage of sewer network, and only rely on the existing cesspits tanks for sewage disposal.

Dr. Amjad talked about the APCC Centre role and its contribution in providing various services for the infrastructure development in Palestine through conducting tests and submission of training and technical consultation in the framework of the joint cooperation between the APCC Centre and the Japanese consulting company (NJS) in different areas related to the work of Jericho Sanitation Plant.

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