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An-Najah’s Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center conducted  a short training course  for students of the Department of construction and civil engineering, where the number of course participants 40 students.

Building on the successes of SASPARM 1, The Support Action for Strengthening Palestinian-administrated Areas capabilities for Seismic Risk Mitigation SASPARM2 is split into 8 tasks from A to H. The Task D includes the training courses for students, practitioners and citizens on the compilation of the forms and the use of the collected data.  This will enable the collection of structural data by citizens and practitioners in forms, Task B, where two collection forms are planned, one for citizens and one for practitioners with differences in level of details.

The collected data will be used to implement the vulnerability models that will be used in the Web-Based Platform to evaluate seismic risk. Using the data collected in task B, will lead to Task F that includes the development and implementation of vulnerability models for the evaluation of seismic risk.

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