Upper Preparatory- Teacher in Sciences
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers' Training
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Program Description

This program prepares students to be future teachers of science in ‎the grades 4-10. The main goal of the program is to prepare science ‎teachers who have a high level of cognitive, metacognitive, social, ‎affective and behavioral knowledge and skills. This makes them able ‎teachers in a society characterized by continuing change in every ‎domain of life. This also prepares them to work with this age tools, ‎especially the technological tools, on condition that this work suits ‎our Arab culture and makes us interact with other world cultures. It is ‎expected that being prepared in this way, students learning in the ‎program will achieve a balance in all aspects of life, which makes ‎them achieve good citizenship.
The program consists of 128 hours that includes 18 university ‎requirement hours, 4 hours voluntary courses, and 106 specialty ‎hours divided into 100 obligatory hours and 6 voluntary hours. The ‎obligatory hours consist of pure science courses, general education ‎courses, pedagogical training courses and didactic courses. All the 6 ‎voluntary hours are general education courses.

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