Telecommunication Engineering
Duration: 60 Months (5 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
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Program Description

The mission of the Telecommunication Engineering Department is to provide students with a supportive environment that facilitates learning to solve problems in Telecommunication engineering and to provide high quality and diversified education to produce world class engineers who will be successful in their professional careers and/or graduate studies.

The objectives of the program:

  • Graduates of the Telecommunication Engineering Program are expected to:Demonstrate competency in the design, analysis, optimization, and implementation of modern Telecommunication systems.
  • Compete effectively in a world of rapid technological changes, and become leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovative managers or educators in the broad context of Telecommunication engineering.
  • Adapt to different roles and responsibilities in multicultural working environment by respecting diversity, professionalism within the organization and society at national and international levels.
  • Successfully pursue graduate degrees and become consultants in their respective fields.

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