Sharia & Islamic Banks
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Islamic Law
Program Description

The department of Sharia and Islamic Banking was founded in 2006 at An-Najah National University. The faculty realized the importance of Islamic Economic and Islamic Banking in modern times, especially in the Palestinian community which is in need of this field of study. The department provides BAs in Sharia and Islamic Banking, and the courses it provides vary in order to produce graduates who are competent in the basics of Islamic and Non-Islamic Economy and in Jurisprudence of Contemporary Financial Transactions.
The vision of the Shari’a and Islamic Banking Program springs from the strong faith in the uniqueness of the Islamic nation, religion, culture and civilization. It also springs from the need of the Islamic nation and humanity in general for the rise of this civilization, to shine anew, in all fields of life. This civilization has a distinctive vision, for it contains mercy for people and honor for human being. This civilization also rests on a divine revelation and can offer solutions to all problems of life, in different spheres, and check on the majority of these problems which plague mankind these days in all fields of life: scientific, intellectual, social, economic, etc.
This Program seeks to turn out graduates who are distinctive academically, culturally, morally and missionarly. It also endeavors to make these graduates possess a good basic knowledge of Islamic law,   traditional financial and banking sciences and Islamic banking in particular. This is in addition to making them possess the right qualifications to assume a teaching or missionary job or a financial and banking job in Islamic financial institutions. The program also strives to supply the society with qualified academics, specialists and experts to meet the religious and educational needs of the people in the field of Islamic shari'a and in the field of Islamic economy and Islamic banks work in particular.

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