Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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Program Description

An-Najah’s Department of Optometry seeks to be the leading college of Optometry in the region. Our vision is:

  • To be recognized locally, nationally and internationally for excellence and innovation in education, research and patient care.
  • To achieve a lasting impact on the visual health within the region by continuously improving models of care delivery and providing academic progression to the science of optometry.
  • To develop an innovative educational program, with an effective and dynamic curriculum.
  • To redesign the eye care system in the country by facilitating the delivery of high quality care.
  • To play a vital role in building human resources and infrastructure in the region by producing future leaders in Optometry dedicated to lifelong learning and innovative research.

The mission of An-Najah’s Bachelor of Optometry program is to build a foundation in which faculty, students, and staff work together with mutual respect to share knowledge and experience in ways that will best serve the optometric needs of the community. The program is committed to prepare optometrists who deliver clinical care of the highest standard with utter most integrity and professionalism.

The goal of the Bachelor of Optometry program is to graduate future professional leaders for the highest level of optometric practice dedicated to eliminating preventable blindness in the OPT.Graduates will serve as leaders in clinical and executive positions, translating evidence-based science into clinical practice and quality-improvement policies that ultimately leads to better vision care.

An-Najah’s Optometry Department, including the new Eye Clinic at An-Najah National University Teaching Hospital is committed to fulfilling the mission and vision to the community through the achievement of these Goals and Objectives:

  • Establish a resounding optometric program that will enable the College to become a leader in Optometric education in the Middle East.
  • Provide outstanding educational programs and resources.
  • Develop an outstanding clinical education through enhancing clinical services at the University’s Teaching Hospital and Teaching Clinics.
  • Promote safe, efficient and quality vision care delivery across the country.
  • Establish the College as an exceptional research institute in optometry, vision science and clinical practice.
  • Develop community capacity building.
  • Unify the practice of optometry locally and across the region by adjusting the scope of practice and ensuring it meets international standards.

The Bachelor of Optometry (B.O.) program offered at An-Najah National University consists of a four-year length curriculum and is designed to educate future optometrists for practice now, and to prepare them to be part of a continually changing and dynamic profession. The primary goal is to educate future Optometric professionals who seek and critically analyze new information to effectively serve the patients. Students joining this program will gain the knowledge and experience needed to serve as vision consultants to schools, government, business, and industry. Additionally, the program is designed for students to acquire an understanding of the legal, social, economic, and professional phases of optometric practice, as well as the role of the optometrist in public health and in community and national health care.

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