Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Economics and Social Studies
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Program Description

The Department of Economics seeks to make every effort to ‎enable our graduates to meet the needs of the Palestinian and ‎Regional Markets. The Department aims to generate highly ‎skilled economists who have the ability to effectively ‎contribute and add value to the Palestinian Economy through ‎putting their theory and knowledge into practice.‎

The Department's work aims to help serve and develop ‎the Palestinian Economy through preparing well qualified ‎and knowledgeable students who are capable of thinking ‎critically, submitting solutions and looking forward to ‎innovation and novelty, and have adept leadership ‎skills and managerial proficiency
Recruit the appropriate human resources in the Department.‎
Continuously improve and develop the curriculum through ‎updating texts and the teaching means in the Department.
Create strong economical awareness of the National ‎Economy, as well as Regional Arabic and International ‎Economies.
Prepare students to deal with economical developments ‎effectively and professionally through joining theory with ‎practice.
Encourage research and connect students with the Private ‎and Public Economic Institutions in the local environment.

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