Architectural Engineering
Duration: 60 Months (5 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor


Students of the Department of Architectural Engineering uses a computer lab provided with special Architectural software (3DMax, Photoshop, Rivet, AutoCAD), In addition to desktop programs (Microsoft Office).  Also students used the workshops within the Faculty of Engineering and the University Library and other important facilities in the university.



The program has no cooperation agreement with community or industry, but there are relationships according internship period with Architectural Companies and relevant institutions, as well as there are different graduation projects are usually held out in cooperation with local community institutions. The Architectural Engineering Department is active in the field of Sustainable and Green Architecture by participating in several specialised workshops and competitions done with the coordination and cooperation with international and local institutions.
Through the Architectural Conservation unit in the Urban Planning and Disaster Risk reduction Centre at our University, Department staff conducted several projects in order to maintain the architectural heritage in Palestine, especially on selected buildings in the old towns of Nablus and the surrounding villages. As well as this unit did several specialized workshops in cooperation with the Welfare Association. 


Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning methods adopted in this program include lectures, seminars, course projects, student presentations, and home works. All of these include modern technology facilities such as modern software (Microsoft PowerPoint) and others.


Coursework and Assessment

Assessment criteria includes: Exams (first, second and final) in theoretical courses. For practical and Design Studio courses, students handed over projects and drawings as well using modern software for presentations.

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