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On August, 13, 2020, and under the patronage of Prof. Maher Natsheh, An-Najah University President, the Public Relations and Communication Department organized a scientific conference titled: "Challenges of Digital Public Relations". The conference was held via Zoom application and included a number of researchers, academics, PR specialists, journalists and students.

Dr. Abdul Karim Sarhan, Head of the Public Relations and Communication Department and Conference Rapporteur stressed on the importance of digital PR, and the contemporary issues which affects the work of PR directly. He pointed out that digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges that face the working forces in PR.

Prof. Allam Mousa, Vice President for Academic Affairs emphasized on the importance of developing PR and digital media sector on different levels.

In turn, Dr. Haytham Ewaida, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences thanked the conference organizers for arranging this event, and mentioned that this conference is the first of its kind on faculty level being held online because of COVID-19 pandemic.

The conference included three main themes: communication strategies and digital PR, using social media in digital PR and the future of digital PR in light of recent technological developments.

The conference resulted in the following recommendations: benefiting from the growing impact of social media in developing and designing advertisements, and exchanging experiences and ideas, working to implement practical solutions to reduce obstacles facing public relations workers in various organizations, following the basics of psychology, social psychology and various sciences in public relations to more influence the audience, and viewing communication platforms as strategic enhancers of PR management strategy, as well as focusing on utilizing modern terms related to digital political communication in university curricula.

The conference also recommended encouraging PR managements to expand the role of social media in tourism, hiring it in governmental sector institutions, setting regulations that manage social media platforms and developing the rules related to journalism work to guarantee professionalism.

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