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Professor Shehdeh Jodeh, staff member at the Chemistry Department, and ‎a group of PhD and MA students in chemistry recently participated in the ‎‎2nd Edition of the International Congress on Water and Environmental ‎Studies which was held at the Multidisciplinary Nador College, Morocco ‎over the period 14-15 November 2019. ‎

The conference aimed to provide a conceptual framework to address ‎causes, effects, and solutions of water shortages and scarcity which present ‎a major risk for cities across the globe. ‎

The conference included 150 researchers from different countries around ‎the world with the attendance of the President of Mohammed First ‎University, Oujda, and the organizing committee of the conference. ‎

Prof. Jodeh participated as a keynote speaker at the opening session of the ‎conference, and gave a speech on the importance of scientific research in ‎the advancement of society in the Arab world. ‎ He also presented a research paper titled: ''Contamination assessments using the ecological risk and geo-accumulation index for trace metals from surface sediments of Wadi Al-Qilt, West Bank, Palestine". The results of his study reveal that there are variations in trace metals concentrations in the sediment samples analyzed due to anthropogenic contributions.

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