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An-Najah National University has recently concluded the activities of ‎the International Conference on Early Childhood Education, "Children, ‎Hope and Peace; a Local and Global Perspective.”

The conference ‎resulted in the following conclusions and recommendations:‎

The call for action from Nablus


The governmental officials of the state of Palestine,‎

Representatives of Palestinian Academia,‎

Representatives of civil society organizations in Palestine,‎

Representatives of the Arab ECD network

Representatives of the Early Childhood Peace consortium

Representatives of the International Network on Peace Building ‎for young children ‎

Representatives from Early Years, the organization for young ‎children

Representatives of Yale University

Representative from Queens University in Belfast

Convened at An-Najah University in Nablus, the city of ‎inclusiveness and diversity, discussed early childhood issues, ‎aspirations and hopes for a better future.‎

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the convention on the ‎rights of Children and while it transformed the lives of millions of ‎children around the world, we are aware that many children were ‎left behind because of poverty, violence, displacement, and ‎military occupation. ‎

We highly appreciate the efforts made by governments, The United ‎Nations’ agencies, international organizations, civil society in ‎the world, the region, and the state of Palestine to advance the ‎CRC agenda in the last 30 years of its existence. However, we realize ‎that the work is not finished and much more is needed to advance ‎and create a better future for the children of the world, and ‎Palestine.‎

We acknowledge the dire situation in the world, and more specifically in ‎Palestine which compromise the protection of children and stand as ‎barriers and threats to fulfilling the rights of children globally and ‎in the region.‎

In this context, and in line with the goals of the sustainable ‎development agenda, the convention on the right of the child ‎goals No. 4, 16 and all other relevant resolutions, we commit to ‎stand together and reaffirm our political support to child rights ‎that include legislations, policies, budgets and programs of action ‎that leave no child behind.‎

Believing in the transformative power of early childhood strategies ‎and services, we commit to prioritize the investment in early childhood education ‎and offer young children all needed care and support for a bright ‎future. Anchored in the nurturing framework, we call for the ‎following actions:‎

  1. Unite our strengths and advocate for universal access to early ‎childhood development. Most importantly, we commit to ‎emphasize the urgent need for increased investment in programs ‎for families and young children living in fragile contexts.‎
  2. Continue with active pursuit of knowledge and address the gaps in ‎science with a focus on multidisciplinary research to reinforce the ‎evidence that will inform global policies, national policies, ‎strategies and programs for ECD.‎
  3. Work in partnership and harmony to attain the highest quality ‎ECD programs and interventions
  4. To monitor and report progress on situation of children including ‎tracking progress on their health, education and protection. ‎
  5. As they are agents of change, we commit to partner with children ‎and their families in the planning execution and evaluation of ECD ‎programs at the local and global levels

We are raising the voices of the families and their children from ‎the beautiful mountains of Nablus so they echo throughout the ‎world, and relaunching the global call of action.‎

We believe that children are our future, we call for ‎action, NOW.

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