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As part of the Erasmus+ Expertise Exchange Program, the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of An-Najah National University received a delegation from the University of Naples Federico II.

The delegation was received by Dr. Heba Al-Fares, An Najah’s Dean of the Faculty ‎of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, to participate in a seminar that is organized ‎in cooperation with the Faculty's Nutrition and Food Technology Department. ‎

As part of the visit, the delegates will give lectures on functional foods, probiotics ‎and applications of Enzymes in Biotechnology.‎

Dr. Al-Fares thanked the seminar's organizers and the delegation for their efforts and ‎expressed her pride in the long standing relationship An-Najah has with the ‎University of Naples, highlighting the Food and Science Technology joint MA ‎program.‎

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