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Dr. Rawa Sawalha, staff member at the Faculty of Fine Arts, has recently ‎participated in an international conference titled: "Research into Design ‎for a Connected World" which was held in Bangalore, India, from ‎January 9th – January11th, 2019.‎

The conference focused on bringing together the international community ‎from diverse areas of design practice, education and research and ‎showcasing cutting edge research about design. The Conference also ‎aimed at aiding the ongoing process of developing and expanding a ‎collective vision through emerging research challenges and questions ‎while providing a platform for interaction, collaboration and development ‎in order to strengthen this global design community.‎

Dr. Sawalha presented a ‎research paper titled: "Healing by Design: Design ‎of Public spaces for Children's Hospitals" through which she shed light ‎on four main topics: Children’s’ Cognitive Development as it relates to ‎age-appropriate interior design; Children’s Hospital Design and healing ‎environments; Public Spaces in Hospitals – interior architecture and ‎interior design; Contextual Issues – specifically, the religious, ethnic and ‎national context of Palestine.‎

Dr. Sawalha is the only Palestinian or Arab woman to participate in the ‎conference which was organized in cooperation with a number of ‎countries including Britain, Germany, America and India. Out an ‎incredibly competitive review process, 320 papers have been accepted for ‎inclusion in the conference.‎

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