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Dr. Sana Al-Sarghali, graduate of Lancaster University in the U.K for the year 2016 and Professor of Constitutional Law at An-Najah has obtained the Outstanding Alumni Award from Lancaster which makes her the first Palestinian woman to have this award.

The award is presented to graduates who have made a sustainable contribution to their field and have developed an outstanding international or national reputation among their peers.

Dr. Al-Sarghali is the first Palestinian woman to have a PhD in constitutional law from the U.K; therefore, she is the only Assistant Professor of constitutional law at An-Najah.

She is also the youngest Chairwoman for (TAM) Women Media and Development, an NGO for changing the stereotypical image of Palestinian Women in the Media.

She has organized the first and second constitution building in Palestine conferences which hosted international constitutional law experts in addition to other workshops and seminars through TAM.

She produced an educational film on the Palestinian constitutional situation which became a reference to all Palestinians.

On this occasion, Dr. Al-Sarghali thanked An-Najah, her family and everyone who contributed to this success.

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