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Dr. Mohammad Qneibi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at An-Najah National University has recently initiated a new collaboration with Julich Research Centre, one of the largest interdisciplinary research centres in Europe in neuroscience and biophysics research.

The agreement states An-Najah can dispatch Dr. Qneibi's students to finish their graduate and post-graduate degrees in Germany. 

Both partners, Dr. Qneibi and Professor Fahlke, have a keen interest in the molecular and cellular basis of glutamatergic synapse function. The German partner focuses on presynaptic and glial determinants. Prof. Fahlke provides knowledge in molecular biology, live cell imaging and experience with distinct neuronal preparations; whereas, Dr. Qneibi concentrates on the postsynaptic part as he uses organic modulators to inhibit the excessive activity of the glutamate receptors. 

The collaboration will contribute to a global progress as it will develop new drugs to treat neurological diseases in a way that reduces the side effect of the current drugs. 


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