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An-Najah National University’s EU Projects Office has been selected to implement  the ‎Erasmus+ project “The MEDiterranean Public HEALTH Alliance” “MED – HEALTH”  for ‎building up South Mediterranean HELs competences in the field of public health to improve ‎public health performance, employment &development perspectives in the region.

The project aims at offering a master’s programme in public health management by the Faculty of ‎Medicine at An Najah National University to produce competent public health workforce. The ‎project also aims at establishing an e-Portal on public health management and creating a regional ‎health management network.‎

The project is being implemented by An-Najah National University and the University College of ‎Applied Sciences in Gaza, Zarqa University and Mutah University in Jordan and Université de ‎Monastir‏ ‏and Université de la Manouba in Tunisia as well as three public European universities ‎from Spain, UK and Belgium.‎

The university was also elected as a coordinator for other projects this year through the Erasmus+ ‎programme in partnership with other universities.‎

Dr. Imad Ibrik, EU - Project Coordinator at An-Najah thanked An-Najah administration and the ‎national Erasmus + office for their support of the projects.‎

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