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Sustainability Plan

An-Najah National University Sustainability Plan is the University’s roadmap for building and operating a healthier, more sustainable campus community.


  • Increasing the production capacity of solar cells at the university to reach ‎‎25% of consumption by 2025.‎
  • Gradual replacement of all fluorescent lamps, regular lamps and spotlights ‎with LED lamps, so that they will be completely replaced by 2030‎.
  • Designing new buildings to be a green building according to the green ‎building guidelines in Palestine.
  • Using Occupancy sensors to turn off all lamps and fans in halls and offices ‎when they are not working or empty of students and employees.‎
  • Purchase of high-efficiency and energy-saving appliances and equipment ‎with an official certificate of efficiency A+‎.
  • Covering open car parks with solar cell shades.
  • Providing systems for monitoring energy consumption in all university ‎buildings to determine consumption in each building.


  • Providing tanks to collect rainwater from the roofs of buildings in every ‎university campus and use it to irrigate crops, fire systems and toilets
  • The gradual replacement of all WC's toilet seats with Dual Flush toilets to ‎reduce water consumption.
  • Use of faucets equipped with electronic sensors in any new bathrooms or ‎bathrooms that are maintained at the university.
  • Install water consumption monitoring devices in buildings and monitor any ‎leakage in water lines.
  • Putting small filters to rationalize consumption on all taps in the university.


  • Reducing the amount of waste generated by the university by 10% annually.
  • Increasing the university's green areas on every campus and focusing on ‎planting trees and plants that require small amounts of water for irrigation.‎
  • Grow plants with large and high shade to provide shading for cars and ‎students.
  • Reducing the parking space by creating a two-story car park that fulfills the ‎green parking conditions with shading, ventilation and lighting.

To deliver sustainability research solutions, we will:‎

  • Undertake substantial sustainability research to deliver solutions to the ‎world's most pressing sustainability problems.
  • Facilitate internal communications and enhance internal research ‎interaction for sustainability.
  • Promote sustainability research and increase the impact of sustainability ‎research through international cooperation with research institutions that ‎support the achievement of sustainable development goals.
  • Supporting and funding the ideas for sustainable development research ‎projects.

To become a sustainable education provider, we will:‎

  • Provide education for sustainable development.
  • Develop the education potential for sustainable development by enriching ‎learning across the formal and non-formal curriculum.
  • Promote and advance education for sustainable development research in ‎relation to enhancing the student and staff experience and building a more ‎sustainable university.
  • Advance and articulate the central role of education and learning in furthering ‎the University's cross-institutional sustainability agenda - and in relation to our ‎sustainability leadership and profile in the Higher Education sector.

To contribute to the SDGs through organizational governance, we will:‎

  • Align university governance structures and operational policies with the aims ‎of attaining the SDGs
  • Identify and address any key gap in the university in a response to the SDGs
  • Map how high-level university strategies, policies, plans and reporting ‎indicators align with the SDGs and identify which organizational units are ‎relevant to specific SDGs

To achieve the SDGs through external leadership, we will:‎

  • Strengthen public engagement and participation in addressing the SDGs
  • Initiate and facilitate cross-sectoral dialogue and action on SDG ‎implementation
  • Play a lead role in policy development and advocacy for sustainable ‎development
  • Demonstrate the importance of the university in SDG implementation
  • Demonstrate the commitment of a university to the SDGs

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