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Dear members of the Anna Lindh Foundation,

‎We send you our best wishes for 2021 and we hope that you remain in good health throughout ‎the year!

‎We would start the new year with a thrilling invitation to our project “We are still here! ‎EuroMed Citizen Reporters”

‎We would like to welcome you to join the project and we invite you to watch videos and consult ‎the website https://www.euromedcitizenreporters.org/. You will certainly recognize some familiar ‎faces!

We are entering in the second phase of the project, starting a new series of interviews via ‎zoom. For this, we are giving citizens of the EuroMed region an opportunity to share their ‎voices and views on how they have adapted to the new norm and which local initiatives give ‎hope during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please find the two initiatives below:‎

‎1.‎ We are looking for citizens from the EuroMediterranean Region who are willling to ‎share their views in short videoclips. You may tell your story in English, French or ‎Arabic. You might be an activist, a youth worker, artist, student, musician, debater, ‎human rights trainer, social media reporter - an interested and active citizen of your ‎country. ‎

Since many of you are engaged citizens, we would be very excited to capture your views and ‎stories! If you are interested to participate and available for an interview in the upcoming ‎three weeks, please express your interest here.

Afterwards, we will come back to you with further information and a choice of dates for the ‎Interview which will be a zoom session of about 15 – 20 minutes, that will be recorded.

We are creating a comfortable, informal interview situation. You will have a say on the ‎recordings and you can have modifications whenever you wish. After the interview, we would ‎like to ask you to send us three or four pictures or short video clips that illustrate your ‎statements, taken with your phone. We will explain everything you need to know at the ‎beginning of the zoom interview*.

In case of questions before the interview, please write an email to [email protected]

‎2.‎ We are collecting local initiatives that give hope, social initiatives on the ‎grassroot level that support the community and that can serve as small “Utopias” ‎in your countries to include them in an interactive map of the region. These ‎examples do not necessarily need to be developed during the crisis. But if they are ‎still ongoing (maybe active in a different working mode) they would be especially ‎interesting. If you want to share one, two or three these initiatives on our website, ‎please fill in the survey. ‎

We will then choose initiatives and include them in the interactive map on the website and in our ‎social media campaign.

Don’t hesitate to forward these information if you know someone else who wants to be ‎interviewed or who is running an initiative that should be shared on our website!

We are very much looking forward to hearing back from you! The sooner, the better – we can ‎include replies received by 24th January 2021.

‎Wishing you all the best!

‎The team of the German ALF-network ([email protected])

‎ ‎* In case we have too many interviewees or initiatives from one country, we might be forced to ‎select, since we need to ensure a balance of all participating countries.

This project is created by The German network of Anna Lindh Foundation ‎‎(https://www.annalindhfoundation.org/networks/germany) and by Candid Foundation ‎‎(https://www.candid-foundation.org/), and supported by the Federal Foreign Office of ‎Germany.‎

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