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Energy Research Center-An-Najah National University, Partner of the EU funded project Med-EcoSuRe

“Innovative and Eco-Sustainable energy renovation of Mediterranean University Buildings”

Officially Lunch the Project Start Activities with the kick-off meeting

The event

On November 23 2019, the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC), joined by its partners, will officially launch their project Med-EcoSuRe (Mediterranean University as Catalyst for Eco-Sustainable Renovation). The event will be in held in Hotel El Mouaradi Gammarth Tunis – Tunisia.

Project and Partnership

Med-EcoSuRe is a project funded under the EU “ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin” Programme with a budget of €2.9 million, out of which €2.6 million as EU contribution. The project started on September 1st, 2019 and will last for three years.

The partnership, led by MEDREC, covers four countries (Tunisia, Palestine, Italy and Spain) and includes public universities, an Italian agency for Energy and Environment and a Spanish association for the internationalization and innovation of solar companies.

Main objectives of the project

The main objective of the project is to value and implement innovative and eco-sustainable energy renovation solutions for Mediterranean universities and to introduce an active collaborative approach for decision support.

In Med-EcoSuRe, renovation measures will be proposed tested and implemented in order to decrease the energy consumption of public university buildings. Three universities are selected as pilot sites in Tunisia, Palestine and Italy. The renovation measures will be defined based on data collection, energy audits and successful cases from other initiatives. Living Lab approach, researchers in Mediterranean universities and stakeholders will build a common understanding of the eco-sustainable building renovation issues and empower regional knowledge-to-action process.

Expected achievements of the project

Six achievements are expected during the implementation of the project:

  • 6 toolkits of passive solutions design for higher education buildings retrofitting
  • 2 policy tools for energy efficiency retrofit in higher education buildings
  • 6 cross-border strategic plans for university building retrofitting
  • 6 energy audits performed in selected higher education institutions
  • 9 energy efficiency retrofitting pilot actions
  • 2 Technologies transfer for higher education retrofitting building

Key actors invited

The launch event will bring together key national stakeholders interested in ”Energy Efficient Buildings" and will highlight the objectives and expected results of the project.

The following speakers are invited to the event are:

Slim Feriani


Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises

Patrice Bergamini

Ambassador of the European Union in Tunisia

Lorenzo Fanara

Ambassador of Italy in Tunisia




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