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Individual consultancy services- AR/VR Technologies Trainer


An-Najah National University (ANU) has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) - Education to Work Transition Project - Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by the World Bank for the project entitled: Linking with the private IT sector: IT faculty curriculum reform. This project is designed to improve the learning opportunities for IT students by gradually moving towards more experiential learning approaches. ANU in collaboration with IT sector companies: The Palestinian Information Technology Association (PITA), The Computer Information Systems (CIS)Department, and The Center of Excellence for Learning and Teaching (CELT) have redesigned 8 junior and senior level courses from the CIS curriculum plan in collaboration with the private sector partners, these courses have been implemented during the two academic yearsof (2014/2015) and (2015/2016)..

The 8 redesigned courses have adopted new learning and teaching approaches based on problem and project based learning methodologies. ANU have partnered with the Palestinian IT private sector represented by PITA, and several local IT companies Spark, Israa, Cortoba, Innerchip, Alandalus, Ultimit, and Edubook to redesign and carry out the implementation of the curriculum plans for the 8 selected courses through integrating real –time project.

The main focus for this effort is directed towards providing training of trainers program (TOT program) in virtual and augmented reality and to help in the design and development of a graduate course in virtual and augmented reality to ANNU IT programs. Accordingly, An-Najah National University seeks the selection and employment of (a consultant in virtual, augmentedreality).

Assignment Objective                    

An-Najah National University is now considering the selection of a professional and qualified expert consultant, who will work on developing and delivering a 50 hours of training of trainers to a group of ANNU Professors and teacher assistants. The participants will be provided with methods, tools and approaches in virtual and augmented reality. As a result, a course will be developed and implemented for IT undergraduates which focuses on virtual and augmented reality.

Scope of work and specific tasks

The Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Designinga3-houracademiccoursethatintroducestheAR/VRtechnologies;
  • 50-hourTrainingofTrainersonAR/VRtool(s)thatprovidesahands-on-trainingonthetool(s)anddevelopingsimpledifferentapplications.Detailsofthistrainingwillberevealed after signinganduponagreementonthetool(s);
  • Helpselectthepropertool(s)basedonfutureplans,budget,concerns,etc;


  1. Approved TOT program Plan to conduct the assignment.
  2. Design Course outline in virtual and augmented reality
  3. List of proper tools (software, hardware) for virtual and augmented reality.
  4. 50 training hours to be delivered to faculty professors and research assistants
  5. Final report.


Essential Required Qualifications:

  • At least MSc degree in Computer science or any related IT topic.
  • 3years’ work experience in private sector and higher education.
  • Conducting at least two similar consultation assignments in designing courses and in TOTs.
  • Demonstrated experience in computer vision and virtual augmented reality.
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Contract Type: Lump Sum Contract.

Assignment Time frame duration  is25 days

Level of efforts 130 hours (design materials of course and workshop, implementation of workshop and reporting)

Interested consultants/ researchers must submit their CV or resume along with relevant competencies and comprehensive experience record through sending an email to [email protected]  by 2:00 pm, Wednesday, 27-07-2016.
All candidates shall be provided with further details of the assignment, the selection process and criteria (in accordance with the procedure World Bank recruiting policies).

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