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An-Najah National University was nominated by the Chairman of the Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence in Palestine to participate in the International Research Competition for Young Scientist (IRCYS) 2020. IRCYS was organized by the Bandung Creative Society in collaboration with Indonesia Scientific Society, and took place on August 28th – August 31st, 2020.

The University participated in two categories. The first was Humanity Studies where Dr. Loay Abu Alsaud, and student Rinad Al-Assi submitted a research paper about archaeological sites in Palestine and the impact of Israeli settlement on local tourism. They won first place and gold medal for this paper.

The second category was Applied Studies where Dr. Mohyeddin Assali and his students Ahmad Khader, and Ahmad Ghrieb, submitted a research paper about cancer therapy through the use of carbon nanotube winning second place and silver medal.

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