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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of An-Najah National ‎University Student Branch (IEEE), and the Community of Entrepreneurs ‎at the University, recently organized the 2019 An-Najah University ‎Research Day, which took place at the Faculty of Law Auditorium in the ‎New Campus.‎

The event which is a networking occasion for An-Najah's researchers, ‎students, and faculty members, aimed to share scientific research carried ‎out under the roof of the University, and to generate new interdisciplinary ‎research ideas.‎

The activity brought together researchers and students from An-Najah ‎University to promote research with students, and discuss various aspects ‎of scientific research as well as new updates related to different scientific ‎research topics.‎

The event included presentations given by a number of An-Najah ‎researchers about the critical steps involved in the development of a ‎scientific idea to its successful execution and eventual publication.‎

The opening ceremony was attended by Prof. Mohammed Alsubu, vice ‎President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Waleed ‎ٍSweileh, Dean of ‎Scientific Research, and Dr. Monther Dwaikat from An-Najah's Faculty ‎of Engineering and Information Technology.‎

The activity was concluded with a panel discussion that included ‎feedback, and comments by participants.

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