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Dr. Adel Juaidi, Staff Member at the Mechanical Engineering Department of An-‎Najah's Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology has recently published a ‎research paper in the Journal of Cleaner Production- Elsevier titled "Urban design to ‎achieving the sustainable energy of residential neighbourhoods in arid climate." ‎

The research team included Dr. Adel Juaidi, Professor Francesco Manthano, ‎Professor Esther Salmeron from Spain, Dr. Fadi Al-Faris, and Eng. Faris Saeed from ‎Dubai.‎

The research paper illustrates how world cities contribute to a massive amount of ‎carbon emissions. About 80% of the global greenhouse gasses are emitted from ‎these cities. The sustainable practices should be adopted in a built environment for ‎these cities. As an example, residential neighbourhoods in arid climates has been ‎discussed as a case study in practice in this paper which aims to highlight the ‎sustainable practices in the arid zones and to give an overview about the ‎performance of clean and renewable energy in these areas. The studied development ‎has been selected to evaluate such techniques and strategies in the gulf region ‎‎(Dubai). Various environmental categories including energy, water, mobility, energy ‎consumption of the buildings and infrastructure, urban green spaces, solid waste ‎management and urban farming, have been evaluated in this study.‎

The urban design proposed by Dr. Adel Juaidi and colleagues reduces potable water ‎consumption by 40% and for energy demands by 57% compared to conventional ‎households. On average, solar production can cover around 38% of the energy ‎consumption. Many challenges face the sustainability movement in the region, ‎especially, the affordability and feasibility in such harsh climate zone areas.‎


The Journal of Cleaner Production is an international, transdisciplinary journal ‎focusing on Cleaner Production, Environmental, and Sustainability research and ‎practice. Through its published articles, the journal aims at helping societies become ‎more sustainable.‎

It serves as a platform for addressing and discussing theoretical and practical cleaner ‎production, encompassing environmental, and sustainability issues in corporations, ‎governments, education institutions, regions, and societies.‎

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