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Dr. Nidal Dwaikat, Deputy President for Planning, Development and Quality Assurance and Assistant Professor at the Industrial Engineering Department at An-Najah has recently conducted a research paper titled: “How does information sharing affect first-tier suppliers’ flexibility? Evidence from the automotive industry in Sweden”.

The research was published by Production Planning and Control* in cooperation with three international universities; namely, the University of Reading in the UK, Radford University in the US and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

The study addressed the critical research issue of how supplier delivery performance can be enhanced by integrating information sharing into volume and delivery flexibility. It developed a research model to relate information sharing on demand forecasts and inventory data between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and first-tier suppliers. Based on a sample of 52 suppliers from automotive industry in Sweden, partial least squares structural equations modelling (PLS-SEM) was used to assess the model. The results confirm that sharing demand forecasts is a key enabler of supplier volume and delivery flexibility while sharing inventory data is not.

The study contributes to enlarging the knowledge about supply chain management from the suppliers’ perspective. It also contributes to knowledge by validating the conceptual model and operationalization of constructs. Moreover, it has practical contribution in which management should focus on improving communication and collaboration practices with OEMs for effective sharing of demand forecasts.

Dr. Dwikat said that scientific research is a top priority of the University strategic plan which offers support to its staff and student researchers.

He also stressed the importance of publishing research papers by prominent international journals and said that Taylor and Francis used the term “the State of Palestine” instead "the Palestinian Territories".


*Production Planning and Control, impact factor: 2.369, is an international journal that brings together research papers on the management of operations in all industries. The journal focuses on research that stems from an industrial need and can guide the activities of managers and future researchers.

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