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The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at An-Najah cordially invites to ‎attend the “Economics of Smart Cities Conference” which will be held on ‎Monday and Tuesday April 26-4, 2016.


A smart city uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to ‎enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, to reduce ‎costs and resource consumption and to improve contact between citizens and ‎government.‎

In today’s development, a number of the Arab countries adopt development ‎projects that make them an incubator environment for being smart cities.

The conference aims at:‎

  • Defining smart cities and introducing their benefits.
  • Analyzing smart cities applications and technological applications.
  • Studying the feasibility of smart cities on the national and regional level.
  • Economic and social themes.
  • Technological applications and computerized programmes in smart cities.
  • Smart urban planning.
  • Infrastructure (water networks, electricity … etc)‎.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Models of global smart cities.
  • Edited research papers in Arabic and English will be submitted.
  • Commit to scientific research ethics.
  • The papers should not be submitted for other conferences or published in any scientific journal.
  • The papers should tackle the conference’s themes.
  • Researchers should attach a summary in Arabic and in English.

Send the complete registration form with your paper abstract to our email:
[email protected]

  • Conference date: April 26-4, 2016‎.
  • Deadline for submitting abstracts: March 15th, 2016‎.
  • Deadline for sending results of arbitration research: April 10th, 2015‎.
  • Professor Tariq Al-Hajj.
  • Dr. Shaker Khalil Zabada.
  • Dr. Ihab Hijazi.
  • Dr. Ali Abdel Hamid.
  • Dr. Muath Asmar.

Administration Commitees:

  • Suheir Salih.
  • Jalal Suliman.

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