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An-Najah National University is proud to work with national and international organizations on preparation to host the international Conference on Early Childhood on 4-5th November. Turky Bin Abdel-Aziz theatre, new campus.

The conference will address and discuss scientific knowledge around the following domains:

  1. ECD, theory, neuroscience and social environment:
  2. ECD in Palestine: social and system factors affecting children in Palestine,
  3. Impact of war on children: different experiences from the region and beyond
  4. Experience and show cases: a special focus on what works and what does not work, looking at local and global experience.
  5. Quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation: measuring impact, quality and processes

Our presenters will include high profile participants in the field:

  • Prof. Maher Natsheh, President, An-Najah National University
  • HE. DR.Mai Salem Al-Keileh, Palestinian Minister of Health
  • HE. Dr. Marwan Awartani, Palestinian Minister of Education
  • HE. Dr.Ahmad Majdlani, Palestinian Minister of Social Development
  • Dr. Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Chair person, International Network on ECD
  • Dr. Rima Salah, Chair person of Early Childhood Peace Consortium
  • Prof. Paul Conolly, Director, LINKS project. QUB
  • Prof. Josh Feder, Adjunct Professor, Infant and Early Childhood Development, Fielding Graduate University
  • Dr. Ghassan Issa, Chairman of the Arab ECD Network
  • Dr. Alejandro Acosta, Chair of the Latino American ECD network
  • Dr. Umayya Khamash: Director, Juzoor for Health and social Development
  • Dr.Ali Shaar, Director of Palestinian Child Institute

If you plan to attend the conference, kindly fill in the special form by visiting the following link

Formal announcement will follow soon



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