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Employee's Union

The Employees' Union is the representative body of the University's employees. The administrative board of the Union consists of university employees who are selected through an annual election.

As an elected body representing employees and staff members, the employees’ union defends the legal rights and interests of all employees.

The Union aims to enhance the economical, social and cultural levels of its members through the following:

  • Defending the rights and interests of the Union's members to achieve equality and protect their public interest.
  • Supporting the University and its institutions in different fields.
  • Enhancing the academic and professional level of the employees.
  • Publishing scientific and administrative researches and studies and encouraging scientific research.
  • Cooperating with universities and institutes in the different scientific, cultural, and social fields.
  • Securing social and health insurance for employees.
  • Coordinating effort with different local institutions and organizations in the field of social work.
  • Encouraging and participating in social activities and events.
  • Work to find a housing association, a consumer association, and any other projects that benefit employees.
  • The employee must be a full-time worker with an annual and permanent job contract.
  • The employee must submit a written request to join the Union according to a form that is provided by the Union's administration.
  • The employee should not be a member in any other union whose goals contradict with those of the Employees' Union at the University.
  • The employee must be accepted by the Union.
  • The employee must pay membership fee, which is 5 JDs.
  • To have a scientific qualification no less than two years after the secondary education.

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