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Faculty of Honors

The University follows up with its most gifted students, who score the highest marks, and it establishes more academic programs for students that will provide them with necessary education and knowledge.

The University has developed its libraries and amalgamated them with their electronic libraries and international multimedia libraries to enable its researchers to have easier access to the latest developments on the Internet. It has also established the Annual University Prize for Scientific Research to encourage the students and professors to conduct research.In order to appreciate its gifted students, the University has established the Faculty of Honors in 2005 to match other international universities that operate such faculties.

  • Paying attention to gifted students.
  • Encouraging the rest of the students to do their best, in order to be more educated, and creating the atmosphere of competition between students.
  • Training gifted students in telecommunication skills.
  • Increasing the trust between students and the University.

Requirements to apply for the honor Faculty:

  • To be an undergraduate student at An-Najah National University.
  • To have finished at least one year at the university.
  • To have achieved 87% of the total scores in his/her major.
  • To have high morals, a good record and loyalty to the Faculty.
  • Students should maintain high marks. In the event of a student obtaining fewer marks, he will be offered another semester to compensate or he/she will be dismissed.


  • Students take 15 credit hours; nine hours are obligatory while the remainding six hours are elective.
  • Students do not pay tuition fees for the above mentioned courses.
  • There are no marks for such courses and they are not considered in the final total average.
  • Qualified lecturers and professors will teach the courses.

The compulsory courses (9 credit hours)

  • Communication Skills.
  • Learning and Research Resources.
  • Leadership Skills.

Elective Courses (6 hours):

  • English Language Skills (3 Credit Hours)
  • Educational Technology (3 Credit Hours)
  • Social Work (3 Credit Hours)
  • Public Relations Skills (3 Credit Hours)
  • Introduction to Law (3 Credit Hours)

Services offered to students:

  • Supporting students in their tuition fees, either covering them through the university or looking for assistance from other sources.
  • Helping students to look for scholarships to continue their higher education in their appropriate field.
  • Helping the Faculty students in obtaining jobs, either at the University or in the local and international associations that seek employees.
  • Students are given a certificate from the Faculty of Honors, in addition to the faculty certificate.
  • Following up with graduate students later on and helping them in all areas possible.

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