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An-Najah National University obtained accreditation for a new MSc ‎program in Artificial Intelligence by the Ministry of ‎Higher Education and Scientific Research's Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission.‎ The program aims to provide AI related sectors and institutions with qualified cadres who can contribute to the development of the community in urban, health, agricultural and economic sectors.

The program provides students with the needed skills and knowledge in AI and all its branches. It combines planning, designing, simulation, production, testing and maintaining successful smart modeling systems.

It aspires to offer solutions to the different challenges facing the society and develop students skills with regards to utilizing modern tools, and developing devices that interpret and analyze data.

Expected graduates will have rich experience in AI, find efficient ways to solve AI challenges and have a deep understanding of Semantic Web technologies, which aim to define and interconnect data in a way similar to that in which traditional web technologies define and interconnect web pages.

The program enrollees also learn basic issues in the field of natural language processing, effective methods used in texts processing and classification, computer vision theories and methods, and images representation and perception, as well as motion capture.

In addition, graduates can deal with big data, manufacture smart systems that depend on Natural Languages Analysis, Computer Vision and robots, use computer programs for analyzing, designing and implementing automated intelligence systems, and provide consultations and services related to the use of machine intelligence.

The program consists of  36 credit hours, and will open its door at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2020/2021.

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