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The Faculty of Law at An-Najah University held a seminar on ‎intellectual property (IP) and patent registration. The seminar was ‎facilitated by Ms. Raja Khuwailid, Director General of Intellectual ‎Property at the Ministry of National Economy. ‎It was organized for the University's law students.

The seminar focused on topics such as basic policies and procedures ‎for IP protection, the law of patents, trademarks and copyrights, with ‎special emphasis on the process of obtaining, registering, licensing ‎and litigation of IP. ‎

Ms. Khuwailid described the most important aspects for the ‎protection of intellectual property. She also talked about the legal ‎rights conferred by a patent and patent search.‎

Participants learned the basics and types of the intellectual property, ‎copyright, trademark, trade secret and the different kinds of patents. ‎They gained practical insights into how they work, what rights they ‎have, when and how to protect their intellectual property in the future ‎and what to do if someone infringes their rights.‎

It was concluded with an open discussion on the subject.‎

The seminar was part of the Faculty of Law's extracurricular ‎activities, which aim at connecting theory and practice, expand and ‎deepen the knowledge students have acquired during their study, ‎develop their skills and also help students become active participants ‎in such events in the university. ‎

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