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A group of An-Najah University's teaching staff recently participated ‎in ProGRANT Proposal Writing for Research Grants Course. The ‎group included Dr. Basma Damiri and Dr. Lubna Al-‎Kharraz from ‎the ‎Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Ihab Al-surakji, Dr. ‎Mohammad Abuabiah and Ms. Ala' Janem from the Faculty of ‎Sciences, Dr. Mohammad Al-tamimi from the Faculty of Agriculture ‎‎& Veterinary Medicine and student Bayan Khalaf from the PhD. ‎Program in Chemistry at the Univresity.‎

The course is part of the DIES (Dialogue on Innovative Higher ‎Education Strategies) program of the German Academic Exchange ‎Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK).‎

The aim of ProGRANT Proposal Writing for Research Grants is to ‎train researchers and young PhD holders in developing a promising ‎research proposal for national or international research funding.‎

The course offers participants the opportunity to tailor their ‎application to the funding institution of their choice). ProGRANT is ‎also an effective tool for promoting international research and ‎relationships.‎

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