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On Monday, February 24th An Najah National University signed a ‎Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of La ‎Verne in California, United States.  The MoU was signed by Dr. ‎Robert Ruiz, the Chair of the Rhetoric and Communication Studies ‎Department and Dr. Mohammed Subu, An Najah’s Vice President of ‎Academic Affairs.‎

The MoU focuses on the cooperation and exchange of research and ‎pedagogy in the field of debate and has formalized a growing ‎partnership between the two institutions. Since 2019, The University ‎of La Verne has supported An-Najah's efforts to develop their debate ‎programming starting with the sponsorship of debaters to attend their ‎tournament in March 2019 in the United States and followed up by ‎regular virtual trainings between debate team members.‎

In 2020, An Najah became the recipient of a Fulbright grant to ‎collaborate with Dr. Ruiz to develop the debate curricula at An Najah ‎as well as advance the technical abilities of the An Najah University ‎Debate Society (NNUDS).‎

The collaboration will take place over three visits of Dr. Ruiz with his ‎team members and the first one will conclude on February 26th.  The ‎first visit included several intensive debate trainings in English and ‎Arabic as well as the organization of a national virtual debate ‎tournament.‎

To ‎get involved with ‎NNUDS and apply to join their team in English ‎or Arabic, contact ‎‎[email protected] or visit their site ‎‎at

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