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Contemporary Public Relations student Ayda Fakhreddin discussed her Master's thesis titled: "The Public Relation’s Employment of Social Media for Reputation Management (Comparative study of Jawwal and Ooredoo)". Fakhreddin is the first graduate of Contemporary Public Relations program to discuss her thesis.

Supervised by Dr. Moeen Koa, the study aimed at revealing how much public relations are involved to manage reputation in communications companies. The study deployed the Dialogic Communication Theory and the technology acceptance model (TAM) as theoretical framework.

The results revealed that both companies rely heavily on social media websites to manage their reputation.

The results also showed that Ooredoo focuses its posts on services, advertisements, and offers, while Jawwal focuses on activities, events, and achievements of the company. Both companies publish religious and national events with 84% of Ooredoo’s total posts, and 71% of that of Jawwal. Public opinion polls publications scored 84% of Ooredoo’s posts and 66% for Jawwal.

Therefore, the researcher recommended both companies, Jawwal in particular, to pay more attention to responses and feedback. Both companies should develop a clear communication strategy based on dialogue communication and the Two-way Symmetrical Model.


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