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An-Najah National University recently received the Ministry of ‎Education and ‎Higher Education Accreditation for a new MA ‎Program in Geomatics.‎

The aim of program is to provide students ‎with extensive and detailed knowledge on scientific methods, practices and theories in the field of geomatics, combined with a high level of ‎competence in the acquisition, processing, modelling, analysis and ‎visualization of geospatial data. It includes courses in a wide range of ‎areas in geomatics including geographic information systems (GIS), ‎geodesy, remote sensing and computer science.‎

Graduates from the program will be able to work as GIS and ‎environmental specialists in public and private organizations to ‎compete in the domestic, Arab and international work markets.. ‎

The program is open for enrollees form the beginning of the second ‎semester of the academic year 2019-2020.‎

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